Silver Poco Jack

Sire: Two Eyed Jack Dam: Poco Sachette
Foaled: 1970
Breeder: Harry W. Swick of Broken Bow, Nebraska
Owner: Todd O’Neil
Final Owner: Deloris G. Adamson of Cody, Nebraska


Silver Poco Jack

Todd O’Neil was looking for a new youth horse when he first saw Silver Poco Jack in the summer of 1975. The palomino gelding was being hauled at the time by Howard Pitzer, and Todd thought the horse would be an ideal fit as both an all-around horse and an exceptional roping horse.

With the help of his dad, Todd soon bought the gelding from Pitzer with the swap being made at the Kansas State Fair in September of that year. It wasn’t long before Todd and the palomino gelding became a familiar sight at Quarter Horse shows and high school rodeos across the Midwest. For the next four years, Silver Poco Jack (better known as Jack) proved his versatility by earning AQHA points, awards, and all-around titles in 14 different youth and open events. And, as expected, he truly excelled in the roping events.

From 1976 through 1979, Jack won nearly every year end roping award the KJQHA offered, totaling more than a dozen state titles. He qualified numerous times for the AJQHA World Show, making several final go rounds and placing in the top three on three separate occasions. In 1976 and 1977 he finished in the top three on the AJQHA Honor Roll behind fellow Kansan and roping partner Doug Allen.

In 1978 and 1979 Jack and Todd had their most successful campaigns. At the end of each of those years, Jack and Todd were awarded the AJQHA Honor Roll championship in both Steer Roping and Breakaway Roping, giving them a total of four national youth titles.

Jack also received an unexpected and unplanned award at the end of 1979. Many times throughout the year, Jack and Todd would be asked to enter the open roping to make it a full class. However, they weren’t just any fill-in. After winning a six point class (the most at the time) in Nebraska, Todd was jokingly informed that he and Jack might not get asked to fill-in anymore. The result was that at the end of that year, Jack had accumulated enough points to be awarded the AQHA High Point Steer Roping Gelding to go along with his two youth Honor Roll titles.

Along with their success in the AQHA, Jack and Todd were also consistent winners in the Kansas High School Rodeo Association. In 1976 they teamed up with Cal Cofer to qualify for the National High School Rodeo Finals and then again two years later with partner Todd Domer.

In 1980, Todd was busy with school at Kansas State University, and Jack still had many good years ahead of him, so Jack was sold to the Adamson family of Cody, Nebraska. Although removed from the AQHA spotlight, Jack continued his winning ways in the rodeo arena. Taylor Adamson rode Jack to prominence in National Little Britches, high school rodeo, and college rodeo competition. Jack spent the rest of his days with a ranching family near Valentine, Nebraska, in the Sand Hills of his youth.

Silver Poco Jack was inducted into the KQHA Hall of fame for his outstanding achievements on the state and national levels.