Dan Casement

Dan Casement - original share holder of AQHA

Dan Casement


Dan Casement was a man of many interests and abilities.  He was respected as a breeder of Hereford cattle and his love for a good horse to use in his ranching operation lead to his being a founding shareholder in AQHA.

In 1911, Casement purchased his first “Steeldust” horse.  Concho Colonel was purchased sight unseen from William Anson of Christoval, Texas. Casement liked the stallion in such high esteem that he bought Concho Colonel’s best son, Balleymooney to add to his herd. It was these two horses that fueled a passion for the breed.  At this point he began researching the origins of Steel Dust so that he could maintain pedigrees on his stock.

Thinking others would be interested in his research Casement wrote an article about the Steeldust horses in 1927.  The article caught the eye of Robert Denhardt who traveled to Casement’s ranch in Manhattan, Kansas, to meet and visit with the breeder. It was at this meeting that the idea of establishing a registry was proposed. Casement offered his support to Denhardt and offered to elicit others whose horse he felt should be included in the new registry.

The initial organizational meeting was held during the 1940 Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show in Fort Worth, Texas.  At this meeting Casement was among the initial stockholders was elected as one of the founding directors for AQHA.
The first national meeting was held in 1941.  At this meeting Casement proposed a resolution concerning the desired conformation type for breeding stallions and the AQHA Executive Committee adopted it. The resolution stated that a stallion needed to be of the bulldog-type conformation in order to be registered in the studbook.

Through the early years of the Association, Casement continued to support the bulldog-type Quarter Horses. He thought speed and cow sense were essential qualities to the breed. He also believed if people concentrated solely on speed for racing, then bloodlines and conformation would be sacrificed. Casement’s personal herd of Quarter Horses produced Red Dog and The Deuce. Ranchers from all over the Southwest traveled to Casement’s ranch to buy horses.

Born in 1868 in Ohio, Casement moved with his family to Kansas when he was 15. His father bought land and raised cattle, and Casement continued the legacy, raising champion Hereford cattle. He was a caption of the 27th Field Artillery in France during World War 1.  In 1924 he was the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress from the 5th district in Kansas.  In 1926 he was appointed by Secretary of Agriculture William M. Jardine to review appraisal of grazing value of National Forests.  In 1935 the Farmers Indipendent Council of America elected him president of their organization.  He was a member of the first KQHA board of directors.  He was also an honorary vice-president of AQHA.

Casement died in 1953, and was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 1986.  He was honored with inclusion into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1958.  He was inducted into the KQHA Hall of Fame January 20, 2001.